Despite protest, 'Sandpiper' to remain in library

The Tuscaloosa County school board has grudgingly allowed the novel Sandpiper to stay in the Brookwood High School library despite a teen's protest against it and the board's own dislike for its material.

"It disappoints us that the decisions of the courts have taken away this local Board of Education's ability to make decisions that protect these very same school children," Whitehead said. "Based upon legal counsel, we therefore have reluctantly decided to take no action."


Sadly, the community's school board has chosen to allow its public schools to provide children with pervasively vulgar material regarding, for example, graphic or*l s*x and ejac*lation. "'Sandpiper' Survives Challenge," by Lydia Seabol Avant, Tuscaloosa News, December 11, 2007.

What community would ever restrain itself from "protecting ... school children" just because of the "decisions of the courts" by allowing its children access to s*x*ally inappropriate material? I sense a smoke screen being employed here.

I would have written more but the comment-posting spam filter stopped me due to the language. Ironic, no?

SafeLibraries, are you trying to meet some year end quota? I keep seeing your comments everywhere.

Funny, Anonymous, truly: "SafeLibraries, are you trying to meet some year end quota? I keep seeing your comments everywhere."

No, no quota. But considering the heavy exposure of ALA propaganda like Banned Books Week in thousands of media outlets nationwide year after year despite its being a total fraud, it's funny you would think I'm meeting a year end quota!!

Even in the underlying matter both the ALA and the National Coalition Against Censorship got to propagandize the local community directly and indirectly and no one complained about them meeting their quotas or about seeing them everywhere.

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