Announcing DRUPAL4LIB, a ListServ for Librarians Interested in Drupal

Leo Klein (You may know him from such websites as or is pleased to announce a new ListServ for librarians called 'DRUPAL4LIB'.

As the name implies, 'DRUPAL4LIB' is for those interested in Drupal, a popular open-source CMS, as it relates to libraries and librarians. The idea is to have a forum to exchange ideas and advice, share experiences, and maybe even collaborate on a couple of projects that highlight the use of Drupal in a library context.

The list is co-moderated by Cary Gordon (You may know him from such websites as


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100 Subscribers in 1st 6 Hours!

Thanks for listing this.

Within little more than 6 hours, we already had over 100 subscribers. Last time I checked, the number was around 150.

Boy was something like this long overdue.

What I really look forward to is maybe doing a couple of collaborative projects -- get ideas from people so that we can increase the visibility of Drupal in the library community.

Up to 200 Subscribers!

I'm not one to focus on quantity over quality but in less than 2 days after announcing DRUPAL4LIB, we're close to hitting 200 subscribers!

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