Thoughts on A Podcast @LISNews?


Someone had an idea for a LISNews podcast, so I thought I'd see if there was any interest out there. The initial iteration of the podcast could be released on Mondays and be a snapshot of top stories from the prior week on LISNews. Recording would be done on Sunday night followed by an upload of the audio file to the relevant place so it is put out on the resultant feed for Monday morning release.

What about a catchy title? Perhaps "LISNews: Audio Edition"? That name definitely does not sound sufficiently hip but at the moment that is all I can come up with.

The thought, at this moment, is to do a six episode trial for this podcast next month, and a few in January. We already know about LibVibe & Uncontrolled Vocabulary, but maybe LISNews needs something specific to it. Either Contact Me or leave a comment below.


I think an LISNEWS podcast is a great idea... I actually didn't know about the other two you mentioned, but I will subscribe to them as well.

WLIS? ;)

A recap podcast would work if a significant number of LISNews readers would rely on that rather than reading your posts. Personally, I prefer to read the posts the day they are posted.

Or, you could do a weekly podcast with content unrelated to, or a synthesis/analysis/derivative of the posts of the previous week. It would set the podcast apart from the rest of the content on LISNews, which might make it more attractive to a broader range of readers.

At any rate, my suggestion for a name is LISCast.

I always kind of felt Marv's LibVibe podcast was sort of an LISNews podcast, even though I knew it wasn't really. I'd check it out, although between Best of the Left, Real Time with Bill Mahr, Air America's Ring of Fire, and KCRW's Left, Right, & Center, I don't know how much more time I'll have to listen. ;)

[I see posting quick anonymous comments has become much more of a chore]

I like LIScast as a title better. I think the podcast shouldn't be news, but analysis. Typically, there are trends in library news and blogs and I think a weekly wrap-up would work nicely.

How about LISten?

I like the previous suggestion of LISten... however, I am not sure if a podcast is needed, as LibVibe already exists? If you are careful to include different stories from LibVibe, it might work?

I would call it Uncontrolled Vocabulary. No, wait.

It would be hard for me to leave an unbiased response, since I proposed an LISNews podcast to you back in May 2005 and threatened to make it happen again in May 2006 (even though I'm supposing I'm not the "someone" listed here). "LISNews: The Audio Edition" was even the working title, as a few emails from my archive confirm. In both cases, it was my fault that it didn't materialize, so I'm glad you've taken up the mantle.

Obviously I thought it was a good idea then and, for the most part, I still do. I have my concerns about the redundancy with both Marv's and the UV content, so I'm interested in how this program will differentiate itself (or if it even intends to).

I do like the name LISten and maybe it's a bit too clever, but I could see a weekly breakdown of the top 10 stories featured on LISNews (using whatever metric seemed appropriate). Get it? LIS-10 - LISten. OK, too clever.

Let me know if I can help.

Greg, great minds appear to think alike perhaps?

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