Longtime director of WV state archives baffled by firing

Fred Armstrong spent his career building the state's historical records and he doesn't understand why he was abruptly fired from his job as Archives and History director. Armstrong, who had overseen the state's archives since 1985, said he received a letter of termination Thursday morning at a meeting with Culture and History Commissioner Randall Reid-Smith. Armstrong said no reason was given but the letter directed him to immediately leave the state Cultural Center at the Capitol Complex, where the archives are housed.


I never trust people with hyphenated last names. A rule that has served me well.

It seems like Randall Reedsmith was hired to clean house as he canned someone else without apparent reason.

Apparently he sings. That certainly qualifies him to lead an organization that oversees (or perhaps in his case overlooks) a state archives. I think I agree with this blogger.

"Visualize Whirled Peas."

As for qualifications, it seems that the only qualification anyone needs to be in charge of an agency in state government is the Governor's blessing.
Look at the GOT. Kathy Moore qualifications are blow jobs.

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