More on Paris this time

...this time on the Rive Gauche a Paris. They're in danger of disappearing...Guardian UK reveals the trend that has galleries and small booksellers being replaced by trendy clothing boutiques. They call the phenomenon "the greatest Gallic bogeyman of all, globalisation," and I can only hope that those French come to their senses and prevent the theft of history and tradition in the quartier where "where Juliette Greco sang, Miles Davis played and Michel Foucault philosophised."

Maybe this might sound familiar to American city dwellers: "Deputy mayor Lyne Cohen-Solal decided to act after a famous bookshop just outside the Sorbonne university was replaced by a cheap clothes shop. 'All the cities all over Europe are starting to look the same. London, Berlin, they're going to have the same streets with the same shops,' Cohen-Solal said."

I wonder if Wal-Mart is eying the city of lights?


One of the more well-known stopping points (back in the old days) for people coming from the U.S. was Shakespeare & Co. -- a bookstore on the Left BankEqually as famous are/were the "Bouquinistes", who sell books along the Seine out of lockers. They're a classic part of the scenery.

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