Al Gore is a smart guy

Here's a sneak peek at his new book, The Assault on Reason. I'm looking forward to reading it and hoping that it mobilizes a lot of discussion and moreover action on the part of both public and private institutions in this country.

Specifically, TV. I used to watch the Today Show in the morning, it used to provide the viewer with important news and information to face their day. It now sadly continues as the symbol of the lowered standards of broadcasters, advertisers and viewers; we're all willing to withstand having a lot of crap thrown our way and not only tolerate it, endure it with aplomb. And do we support the few broadcasters that try to provide educational, enlightening and unbiased programming? They continue to struggle.

Speaking of advertisers, hope some of you saw the wonderful New Yorker cartoon with a woman watching TV and hearing the announcer say, "Ask your doctor if a pill that solves all your problems is right for you."

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