Adventures in producing a video podcast

So I have embarked on an adventure in video podcasting. Is it LIS-related? ex-cataloger produces it and the host is a school media specialist. The podcast is more about the school media specialist's ranch than anything else.

The subject? Alpacas. Yes, alpacas.

After a few more episodes I might be brave enough to podcast the link to stick into iTunes to subscribes. I'm just not ready for that yet. The thing still is not listed in the iTunes podcast directory but that is because I am still working with the systems administrator to iron out a few kinks in the RSS feed's structure so that it will be compliant. I vaguely remember seeing an ad for CiL that mentions using podcasting in perhaps this is good having a chance to experiment out on the bleeding edge of tech, at least for a little while.

As to finding a new position...such is not a pressing priority at the moment. At least I made some smart financial moves before things went south. Until I am am truly ready, perhaps doing some non-LIS marketing work as well as some "creative arts" matters may be for the best. There is some fiction on-hand that I have been meaning to get into print.

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