2007 Movers & Shakers?

Has anyone seen this year's list of the Movers and Shakers? I'm always curious to see if I know anyone on the list. When I realized that today was March 15th (I've been really slow today, it took me a few hours to realize it was Thursday), I also realized that I've seen NO ONE comment on this topic.


I'm unmoving and unshakable. I do know at least one person who is getting one--most deservedly! I think they let people know in early January (or sooner)and announce it in mid-March. I think.

I'm still moving but I no longer shake.

Thanks! And Rochelle and Blake, I think you're moving and shaking with the best of them :)

Don't know a soul, of course it helps to actually be in or near a place that moves or shakes.

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