Not that this is new as we are talking about the Cuban Librarians from time to time here. However I recently found the Court Documents from the cases in which these librarians were involved.

It is amazing to see that people were imprisoned and the books taken to be destroyed; The Constitution of the USA, the Declaration of Independence, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. If you can read Spanish look at a FSU site Rule of Law and Cuba (English is available too, but the translations are not too good. One is a scream however as they translate someones name to Marijuana Smoker Alvarez)

As an example of the tragic incarceration of these freedom promoting librarians see the sentencing documents for Pablo Pacheco Avila who is serving 20 years of temporary deprivation of freedom for having such subversive publicaitons as 10 copies of the pamphlet "Society and American Values", the book "Manual for Journalist", and the book "Brief History of Cuba" which was used in a class I took at USF many years ago.

He also had a prohibited short wave radio RECEIVER, nope not a transmitter but a receiver.

So perhaps we as librarians should be doing something about people being put in prison for books they posess. We should form some sort of professional organization to address this sort of thing. We could call it the American Library....wait nevermind.

Lets just sit on our fat asses and complain because some mother in Peoria wants King and King moved to the adult collection.


Librarians and Authors are invited to sign onto the Read A Burned Books Campaign which was just launched today, Jan. 23, 2007 also just posted a special report on how the books of Martin Luther King, Jr. are viewed (and burned) in progressive Cuba. Read it at: a dozen of some of the most famous Cuban authors in the world, we have gotten endorsements for the Read A Burned Book project from:2 ALA Council members; Honorary ALA Member, Sandy Berman; the librarian for the Canadian Parliament; the President of the Latvian Library Association, and a handful of local library directors around the US.We have emailed ALA President, and the two Presidential candidates a request to sign the document (See the blog for FREADOM; linked at greg’s right side list)Venceremos! Walter S.