Blogging, installing Wordpress, finding a site host...

My blog reached the 18 month milestone this week (approximately). Nearly 480 posts in all as I learned when uploading them into a new Wordpress setup yesterday.

I've been looking for a place that is cheap (sorry Blake, you ain't cheap enough) to host one or both of my domains: and My blog is found at for just $15 a year (and redirects there), and that's fine for now. However, I'd prefer some customization that I can't seem to do at powerblogs.

I've found a promising "pay as you go" domain host (and I found it by researching a splog, no less): which is based in SW Houston if I recall the layout of the town correctly. You prepay for usage (and you don't have to prepay much), and you can get nearly all of the unspent/unused money back if you find that you want to cancel the acct. There's a good chance that I'll spend no more than $15 a year there, and I'll have more control over the output :)

Stay tuned. For now I have there, but I don't yet have things configured correctly for anything other than a default page to pop up.

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