Reminding myself of this year's only resolution

For reasons that are best not enumerated, I was on the verge of massively violating the only New Year's Resolution I've made in years.

If you don't wish to go there, here's the start:

Don't attack the person, attack the message (if I must attack at all).

That's the easy part. The hard part:

When someone demeans me, uses slanderous labels, writes in a generally abusive or belittling manner in order to avoid actual discussion--don't respond in kind.

Ignore the nonsense if possible. If it happens more than once or twice, ignore the person entirely.

Oh, and on an entirely different note: Admittedly, I only allowed room for two ads, not three, but I have to say Google AdSense has been overwhelming: At the rate of clicks in February, I would have earned my first payment in about four years. At the current rate, it's more like four centuries... Maybe the ads just don't appeal to anyone who actually visits Walt at Random.


I earned around %15 of a payment in a couple months of running ads on my blog. But I think it largely depends on what you write about and how you title your posts. I think I tend to write about slightly more commerical stuff (names of comics and manga) that people are searching for anyway, so I'm getting more clicks than you maybe?

I think that's true--and also that people encountering manga-related ads are more likely to click on them. So far, when I've glanced at the ads on W.a.r., there haven't been all that many that enticed me to look further.

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