The LISNews Numbers For January

Nothing against Webalizer, but I've really been missing the Urchin version of the LISNews numbers. I was thinking about it this morning and I relized that though LISNews is over There I still have Urchin over Here and all I'd need to do was cat my daily logs files together and mover them. Now I can see the stats in all their Urchiny goodness, and also see how the two systems crunch numbers from the same exact log files. The numbers were surprisingly different!

So first, the usual Urchin numbers:

Total Sessions 274,483.00
Total Pageviews 1,077,978.00
Total Hits 2,352,318.00
Total Bytes Transferred 17.49 GB

Average Sessions Per Day 8,854.29
Average Pageviews Per Day 34,773.48
Average Hits Per Day 75,881.23
Average Bytes Transferred Per Day 577.73 MB

Average Pageviews Per Session 3.93
Average Hits Per Session 8.57
Average Bytes Per Session 66.81 KB
Average Length of Session 00:13:32

So how does that compare to what Webalizer says?

Total Hits 2666296
Total Files 1747210
Total Pages 825406
Total Visits 191658
Total KBytes 16477700
Total Unique Sites 32031
Total Unique URLs 13519
Total Unique Referrers 6081
Total Unique User Agents 2581
. Avg Max
Hits per Hour 3583 17885
Hits per Day 86009 188995
Files per Day 56361 131211
Pages per Day 26626 69117
Visits per Day 6182 7254
KBytes per Day 531539 1283364

Those numbers are surprisingly different. I'll compare a few more just for fun.

Most requested pages:
Webalizer says: Index, article, lisnews.rss,, robots
Urchin says: article, index.rss, lisnews.rss,, Index

Busiest requestors:
Webalizer:, bloglines, Google, and MSN
Urchin: Inktomi, yahoo, Comcast, Google and Verizon.

Webalizer: IE6, Mozilla, Googlebot, Yahoo, and Bloglines
Urchin: IE, Mozilla, Bloglines, Netscape, and Google

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