Abington Library's Collaboration Project

(NOTE: This is one of my projects that I envisioned during my discussion with Naomy Hardy, a highly talented Junior from the Abington High School and a volunteer at the Abington Township Public Library. The project received vaulable support from Naomi's teachers at her school, the library's Executive Director- Nancy Hammeke Marshall, Head of the Reference Department-Mimi Satterthwaite, and the Library's webmaster-Karen Burnham. We hope that this project will continue to grow and improve as new resources are added in its collection.)

Abington Collaboration Project
highlights an effective collaboration among talented high school students from the Abington High School, teachers from the school, and the librarians from the Abington Township Public Library to create an inormation portal representing several subject areas.

One of the key aspects of the project is to foster information seeking skills among high school students. Students in grades 10-12 can find information on any topic/subject area using the sites listed to help them with their research. Students can utilize the site to improve their information-seeking abilities as well as to help them progress in independent research, thus developing necessary college skills.

This quality resource will be freely available from anywhere anytime.

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