Web-archive-on-demand service for libraries launched

If you have never visited the site http://www.archive.org AKA the WayBack Machine, it is an archive site worth a look.

They recently posted this announcement, which some may find to be of interest:

"The web team at Internet Archive launched the
public website Archive-it http://www.archive-it.org that allows users to create, manage and search their own web archives through a web interface. The service as been
developed, in particular, for memory institutions and state archives. IA has been testing and developing the application through a pilot program which includes 13 other institutions, mainly
Libraries and Archives, who are potential users of this service. The collections developed through the pilot are all available for search and browse access through the public facing site, and information on the program, the pilot partners, how the application
works is detailed on the site as well."

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