Invented the Interweb and saved lives

I think Al Gore is a nutjob (I'm sure if he knew who I was he would think the same thing about me).

However he did more than was required of him in the wake of the Katrina disaster. Gore funded two evacuation flights and used his political connections with the Governor of Tennessee and Norman Minetta to cut through some red tape.

More about it at Fox .

Way to go Al.


My husband saw him speak, went as a job related thing... someone had tickets, offered him one. His review:

If Al Gore had been as compelling, down to earth, and in general cool and comfortable on the campaign trail as he was tonight, there is no question he'd be in the White House. Or at least there wouldn't be those jokes comparing him to a block of wood.

I don't remember Jimmy Carter's presidency, but I get the general impression Carter was the same way... A well meaning person, when not knee deep in the hoopla.

It is nice to see people that really have the resources giving some of their resources to the effort...

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