I've been a daily NY Times reader for the past 4 years, although I only read the online version and I don't subscribe. I don't plan to pay money to read the editorials either, but I wish them the best.

One thing that absolutely facinates me about the Times is the 'correction' policy. About once a week in the editorial section, they publish corrections of incorrect data, things that no normal person would notice or care about, while ignoring sitations where their sources lie to them or the premise of entire articles is completely false. I think the 'Media Bias' (conservative or liberal) would also fall in this category. Here's a good example of one of their silly corrections: Correction - Lolita. Basically, they wrote "The United States Postal Service" rather than the "United States Post Office Department".

All newspapers get things wrong occasionally, but I'd like to see their attention to detail to extend to the facts in the rest of the paper, rather than just trivial asides. I think that would help slow the decline of journalism in this country more than anything else. I might actually *pay* for that newspaper.


I can just hear some old Post Office Department employee sputtering as he typed out his letter to the editor correcting that mistake.

Of course I send in two or three corrections like that a year.

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