The comment I made a few days ago has been bugging me because like our very profession its sometimes difficult explain the 'why' in a simple direct fashion.

Here's 2 reasons why Google is not providing better service then librarians (and libraries by default).

1. In the eyes of God and the law all men are created equal but that's just not the case anywhere else. Even intelligent successful people are not always capable of finding what they are looking for based on any number of reasons let alone the below average intelligence people we deal with. Sometimes they just aren't sure what they are looking for, sometimes they don't know enough about it, sometimes they can't remember the details. It takes human interaction to coax out the details they do have and a lifetime of research experience to be able to delve into any topic at anytime. Google isn't AI, until it is don't worry and when it is still don't worry because...

2. A library takes money from many people and invests it in information resources that fill the needs of the vast majority of those people. We're a free service but we paid for the resources we have. And these resources are not available on the internet and are not searchable by Google. And Google isn't in the philanthropy business either. They want to make money. There's going to come a point where they may have to start charging if their product becomes advanced to where demand is higher then they can supply.

Obviously Google is cool and awesome but a lot of what I'm getting off the internet in general is stuff I could never get in a public library anyway. TV info, episode guides, detailed movie info, comic reviews, and on and on. Life is better but we are from being an either or scenario.


Good and thoughtful points all. Thanks for providing concrete examples of what we're doing right.

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