Library mention in drug bust article

Today's Toronto Star had details of a drug bust police made after tracking a beer bottle thrown from a balcony at an officer below.

When they went to arrest the occupants, officers noticed a shotgun and ammunition on the floor, so they left to get a search warrant.

On Monday afternoon, officers executed the warrant and stumbled upon a collection of weapons, including a Cobra Mac-10 automatic submachine gun and a double-barrelled shotgun, body armour, ammunition, more than 100 grams of cocaine and about $6,000 in Canadian and American cash.

They also found other "tools of the trade," including empty vials, digital scales coated with white powder, a large plastic green waterpipe, pagers, cellphones, knives — and a library book entitled Cocaine and Crack.

"We'll hold it as evidence and then return it," Di Passa said.

I suppose it's a good news/bad news situation for the library. If the library book is actually from the Toronto Public Library (and the article reported the correct title), there are four titles that match. Three books have all copies located in the children's collection and a fourth has copies in both childen's and adult. One copy is signed out and three are missing. So, bad news: drug dealers are stealing books from the library, good news: the police will eventually bring it back.

Of course, I probably shouldn't assume - the copy they found in the apartment might have been signed out. Do you think the library would waive the overdue fines in a case like that? :)


Can you tell us what subjects the four titles of "Cocaine and Crack" were? I mean were they cookbooks or books that preached against the evils of drugs? Either way it would be interesting.Thanks for sharing this story. I think it would have made a good straight news article.

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