Question: Who sells books in the U.S.(apart from non-bookstores)?

  • Borders
    Over 460 Borders superstores in the U.S.;
    Approximately 650 Waldenbooks stores in malls
    47 Borders stores outside U.S., (primarily U.K. and Pacific Rim)
    35 Books etc. stores throughout Great Britain

  • Barnes & Noble821 stores in 50 states
  • Independent Bookstores - 2,200 that are members of the American Booksellers Association, maybe 1,000 unaffiliated

    Others are college bookstores, airport bookstores, etc.

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    I like Borders, but I'm stuck in a town with just a Hastings. Boo!

    I'm curious how Amazon fits in. I joined their Prime shipping program, so it makes me feel obligated to buy from them now.

    For heavens sake, don't feel obligated to buy from "the world's largest bookstore." You can also buy from independents on-line.

    from the Hastings site:
    Hastings was founded in 1968. In fiscal 1995, we began implementing our information system and opened a new corporate headquarters and a 100,000 square foot distribution center, all in Amarillo, Texas. We currently operate approximately 150 superstores averaging approximately 20,000 square feet, primarily in small to medium-sized markets in 20 states.

    Borders has over 1,000 stores. So at least Hastings isn't quite as gi-normous as Borders and B&N.

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