Second masters, anyone?

I am curious about those of us who have another masters in addition to their MLS/MSIS and would like to pose a couple of questions...

What subject is your masters in, and do you think that it's helped &/or hindered your career?

There was a lot of discussion in my grad program about attaining the second masters, and many of the professors agreed that it might be worth pursuing, especially if one was planning on becoming an academic librarian.

As I slog away, trying to finish my thesis for my MA in American history, I sometimes wonder if it's worth it (usually at about 4 am, after 10 hours of typing).

I'm not sure if this has been discussed, but as I'm a newbie to this site, I thought that I'd toss it out there. Just call me Curious George.



I see it mentioned in the context of becoming an academic librarian, mostly because so many current academics have a 2nd masters. Not sure if it's really needed though

Heck I had 2 before I got my MS LIS. No sense paying back those student loans, I'm going until I'm dead.

I have an MS in Chemistry and an MBA they are both from state schools so I'm not wowing anyone with MIT or Wharton degrees.

I am now doing my 4th Masters, this one in Irish Cultural Heritage at the University of Ulster(don't tell my gran that I am going to a school 'up there' she'll beat me senseless.)

I can't say that they have helped me at all in my job search. I left all but the MS LIS off my CV for all the public library positions for which applied and I was hired at a PL. I've included them on the CV sent to academic libraries and I've been fairly much ignored.

USF (the school where I received my first undergrad and MS Chemistry - but not where I went to library school) is up for accreditation. Their self evaluation of the library has the librarians curricula vitae and they were remarkably insightful. Look here if you will and choose #5, faculty vitae, from the bottom.

In case you are considering a second, or seventh Masters here is an interesting list from (Mr.) Lawrie Miller - scroll down past the google ads.

Summarily, I say get a second degree just for the fun of it if for no other reason. (I like going to the dentist too so maybe its just me.)

Yes, many of the acad. librarian positions I've seen require a second master's.I have one (information systems), but am not sure that it "counts" in the eyes of an academic librarian search committee. Perhaps it's too corporate-world oriented. I wasn't required to write a thesis for it. It's surely helped me in current and past positions, however.

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