How Do We Stand On Moderating "Anonymous Patron"?

I know this is the wrong time of the month to ask since Blake does not have month-in-review stats reports (I get the same way when the church elders want "meaningful stats" about my congregation's website at this time of the month), but where do we stand in the moderations of "Anonymous Patron" (hereafter referred to as "AP")? Has AP been heavily praised or severely smacked around? Is the experiment working? Do we need to fine tune things?


Why bother moderating anonymous posts? It's true the point system has a two fold purpose, but anonymous posts don't get bonus points for membership, so they start at 0 points by default. You can't moderate down below -1, so it seems a little silly to me to bash an AP posting. Moderating up will, in theory, make the post more visible, but I don't use the point system myself because I moderate every chance I get and adding qualifiers makes it tougher to see how many mod points a message has accumulated. Aside from that, modding up or down adds or subtracts Karma points, which AP cannot accumulate. I will, on ocassion, mod an AP message if it is especially funny or brilliant, but that doesn't happen often. And I read all messages anyway even I don't have any mod points at that moment.

Speaking as Anonymous Patron, I have left 365 so far this year, The average score is just 0.4877, 126 have been moderated above 0, 57 above 1, 21 above 2, only 2 have made it all the way to 5, while 31 have bottomed out at 31 and the majority, 208 are sitting at 0 still.So, has AP been heavily praised or severely smacked around? Seems like I've been mostly ignored?Is the experiment working? I think so, but I'd like to hear from those who don't.Do we need to fine tune things? You tell me!I've actually been meaning to write about this, so I'm glad you brought it up.-AP AKA BC

Ditto. Er, that is, I wouldn't bother moderating an anonymous coward comment--just as I don't take them at all seriously. I guess the experiment's OK; the anonymous cowards haven't dominated comments. (Yes, I know Blake used a kindlier name for them.)

I no longer even read "anonymous patron" entries. I don't know if it's one person or ten. How much trouble can it be to grab a made up name if you want to be anonymous? How about 3 times and you're out?

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