Google Maps

Using the satellite feature in Google maps I was scrolling around Bellevue, Nebraske. Just to the west of Offutt AFB a famer wrote a message in his farm field. The message was captured by the satellite images. Here is a second image that is from a higher vantage point so you can see the runway and the message in the field. I would reccomend that you look at the image I linked to first before you look at the bigger image so that you can see what you are looking for.


Such is very cute!

I have to get a farm. And a cow, a goat, a sheep and a chicken. I always wanted to be a farmer and now the idea that I can plow patriotic messages into my fields I want to farm even more!

How did he plow all those GOOGLE © 2005 messages on his property and all those other pieces of property?

He used a watermark attachment on his tractor.

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