A plusses all around

Well color me happy! Apparently I can retain my "I am the Greatest Status" (please just this once, twistedlibrarian?) as the client that hired me to help with literary criticism research and analysis received A+'s on EVERYTHING!!!

Dude, I DID NOT write these papers. All I did was provide some research services (playing those databases like the finely tuned instruments they are), insight into how literary analysis is done, and proofreading/editing.

On a completely unrelated note... If you have ever experienced frustration with office mates that won't leave your cute little cubby-hovel, Slacker Manager has some excellent tips. In his words, "sometimes you've just got to get someone out of your office so you can resume your solitare game." Useful stuff here. Oh, and another new favorite song: Jo Dee Messina's "My Give A Damn's Busted." Fits right in with getting folks out of your cube.


I'm feeling kindly today. For the next 24 .... no.. for the next 72 hours you may be the greatest. I want the crown polished before it is returned to me.

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