The next issue of Cites & Insights may be out today. Or maybe tomorrow. Or maybe a week from now...

After finding out that Acrobat Reader's text-to-speech feature is only available for PDFs created with Acrobat 6 or above (I assume that's right), I decided to upgrade. did remarkable work: I ordered online on Monday (a holiday), and the package was here yesterday, using the cheapest delivery method.

So I installed Acrobat 7 Standard Upgrade. Tried it out via the button in Word, reconverting the current issue as a test. Worked fine--only now I see I should make a small change in the C&I template so the automatic contents/bookmark panel makes a little more sense (right now, all you get are subheadings--never article titles: easy enough to fix).

Then, sigh, thanks to bad old habits dating from every computer up to this one--where disk space was always at a mild premium, I said, "Oh, Acrobat 7 works great. I can uninstall Acrobat 4."

Which I did.

Now Word only works in safe mode (where, of course, the "Create PDF" button isn't available). And Acrobat 7 can't convert a Word file because it immediately activates Word (to read the template, presumably), which immediately fails...

So here I am. I've found the Acrobat 4 CD (after some searching--it's been five years, after all). I've checked Adobe's website, which has a fix (for a related problem) that might work. Otherwise, I'll reinstall 4, see if that works...

Short version: Cites & Insights 5:4 is through copyfitting (eliminating orphans at the ends of paragraphs, general cleanup, and cutting down to some even number of pages--22 in this case). Once I have Word and Acrobat working together again, I'll fix the titles, generate the PDF, update the associated web pages, maybe run off a few HTML samples to extend that test, and update the web site.

With luck, that happens today. With bad luck, it takes days, weeks, months...well, no, not months, because if I spend more than two more hours screwing around with this, I'll just reinstall Word, which should break any links with Acrobat, and start from there...but that means re-revising and all that stuff. With good luck, I can start Word in safe mode, identify a phantom add-in, uncheck it, and proceed. Or, second best, reinstalling Acrobat 4 will allow me to proceed without effectively wiping out Acrobat 7.

Yes, I think improving accessibility is a good thing. Just don't ask me about that belief right this morning...

Quick added comment, Wednesday evening:

  • The advice on Adobe's website didn't help.
  • Reinstalling Acrobat 4 didn't help.
  • "Reinstalling" Acrobat 7--which was intelligent enough to suggest that I wanted a repair install--worked.

I'll just leave Acrobat 4 alone, thank you.
The issue is out, with bookmarks and all (but you need at least Acrobat Reader 5 to view it), and I did provide another sample of what selective HTML would include. I'll do a proper announcement tomorrow.


... but WITH you, not AT you. Did you read my Adventures in Quark XPress's (lack of) Customer Service a year or so back?I need to wipe the Silver Surfer and reinstall Windows, but I can't make myself do it. The tweaking, the tweaking... *shudder*

Yeah, well, at least I wasn't forced to reinstall Word, with all the renewing of preferences (etc.) and re-modding that would entail. See my modified post: I'm back on board, and the process really only took half an hour (plus 70 minutes to download Reader 7: I gotta get broadband one of these years.)

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