Wonder Why I Am Giving Up on Ohio Libraries?

I received a letter dated this Wednesday from Liberty Center Public Library. It was an odd sort of rejection letter. I applied for the position of Children’s Librarian there (my department chair tried to get me out of the “dark side” that cataloging was conisdered to be and shift over to children’s librarianship since I was able to work well with children). This is the principal part of the reasoning from the letter why all applicants were rejected:Public libraries in Ohio are funded by 5.7% of the state income tax which goes nto the State Local Government Fund. This fund provides our library with 83% of its yearly income. We receive no other tax money. Two years ago, the state legislature put a freeze on the amount of money we receive. This means that we have received the same amount of money in 2003 and 2004 that we received in 2002.The state legislature needs to have a balanced budget in place by July 1, 2005. Right now they are facing a $5 billion dollar deficit. It is anticipated that the state legislature will take money from the library fund. Because we are expecting a reduction in state funding for the next two years our county auditor has suggested to the libraries that we reduce our budgets by at least 20%...I highly doubt confidence in financial outlook is coming any time within the next decade that would allow them to finally hire a librarian. Lost budgets in this state never really quite come back.This idea that there are going to be tons of openings is just unmitigated garbage notwithstanding anything said by program directors. Ohio is a dying state anyhow. Pennsylvania is going down much the same road too. This also explains why I went to Canada this week to interview for a job serving the brotherhood in helping train new ministers academically.


"Ohio is a dying state anyhow. Pennsylvania is going down much the same road too."

Sounds like Aesop's fable about the fox and the grapes. Don't give up just yet, though it's clear you should focus your energies elsewhere.

I don't know about dying, but it definitely isn't the library mecca it once was, the days of getting a good library job in Ohio are over, methinks. Sad, really, was kind of looking forward to moving back there. *sigh*

At least you got a timely letter. Once I received a rejection letter about 14 months AFTER I had interviewed for the job. Literally, 14 months. It came and I was like "no sh!t, I didn't get the job."

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