Records Management

I've been occupying, on a temporary basis, the position of Records Manager for my agency. For the most part, I've just been a place-holder until an official announcement advertising the position comes out. However, there have been a few really interesting things I've been able to get involved in.

I'm on a team of 12 or so people spread all over the country to evaluate electronic document management systems - and hopefully find one with an electronic records component that we can implement and live with. What EDMS systems have any of you had experience with? What did you find to be the biggest challenges (besides funding) and how did you overcome them?

I'm thinking if I can bring back some information from LIS professionals to this team of records managers, lawyers, engineers, and IT professionals, it might help to build a better understanding of what we could be getting into. I'm also interested in learning how my organization could create a taxonomy to work with this future system. Perhaps we wouldn't have to start from scratch...I've heard that there are pre-configured taxo available for different disciplines.


I was recently part of a team that evaluated 8 different enterprise class DoD certified systems. LiveLink and TRIM were the 2 that stood out, and LiveLink was the one I thought was by far the best system. It was mid-level in terms of price, but it seemed to be the most powerful and flexible of all the systems. It's all web based, and looks to scale well (both up and down).Open Text LivelinkTRIM Context and EDRM softwareEmanage Enterprise Records Management SystemMicrosoft Sharepoint Portal and IBM DB2Cimage e3 Records Management SystemOptika Acorde Records Management SystemMDY Advanced Technologies FileSurf Records Management SystemDocumentum Records Management System

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