Will print rise again, or die trying?

I was checking out this link that I had bookmarked some time ago from who knows where. It's an interesting look at the digitization phenomenon from the framework of a museum video from ten (well, soon to be nine) years in the future. It concludes (spoiler alert!) with the idea that the New York Times, stymied by the use of its content by a merged Google-Amazon corporation, decides to go offline and distribute only in print. It's a fascinating idea--would the traditional media give up online access to save itself? And would it work?


Thanks!I enjoy future history however I can get it.If we ever got to a world described in EPIC, then withdrawing to the print world would be suicide. A simple case of out of sight, out of mind. Of course, given the scenario, I don't see how NYT could make money by staying in EPIC either.However, given the current and likely future business friendly nature of the Supreme Court, plus our current unbalanced copyright laws, I don't see us getting anywhere near the EPIC framework by 2014.But hey, I thought Y2K would cause significant disruptions. So don't take MY word for it.

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