Way back in July I talked about convincing our YA librarian and Asst. Director into setting up blogs. Well, the YA backed out but today I finally sat down with the AD and launched


I would LOVE to do that for our library, but suspect that the value of such a project would not be seen. In my mind, it's a great way to connect to the Gen Xers--18-35, who want a different model of library service. For the last few programs I've done, I've had no one between those ages attend. Good for you and your library, Greg. Handsome layout as well.

Like I said, 'non-mainstream'. I was tempted to say 'weird stuff' but figured that was stirring the waters. ;)

Thanks for the recommendation! Although lately I've been reading more manga and not as many American graphic novels :)

Thanks, I will. LOLOL.. I buy the GNs for my collection and, of course, find it necessary to read them before I put them out. ;)

Some of my faves are Starman, The Watchmen (no surprise there), Squee... oh.. and Fun with Milk and Cheese.

graphic novels? I'm mainly a generic comics person but yeah I pick up the occasional GN. If you're looking for non-mainstream GNs check out tangognat's site. Her tastes are quite a bit different from mine.

I had offered that in the sales pitch to the YA. There are some teen volunteers who could do it. The idea isn't dead, in case anyone hasn't noticed I'm a little stubborn.

Is there no system to have the young people read and contribute to the blog? Kids will read each other. Could be a prestige thing.

It is a shame that your YA didn't set up a blog. Not that I can criticize much...I'm the YA librarian over here, and mine obviously is not targeted towards YAs. LOLOL.. we're gonna have to discuss GNs sometime. I have noticed that you enjoy reading them.

Thanks, I let her pick since its going to be her site.

Benefits? Its FREE! Plus, since its an adult-oriented blog it will be a way of reaching out to the tech users. I also have a feed link with the blog link on our site so its going to be a way of spreading library news to people who might not read the local paper, definitlly don't watch local cable, and probably don't visit our site on a regular basis.

Really, all of these kids reading manga these days, they probably look at traditional super hero comics and wonder why the artists are drawing the eyes of the characters so small...

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