Wrapping up the one week I lasted...

Well, in under 40 minutes my first and final week as a cataloger at the public library I am at is coming to an end.How did this come about?1. I could not find anywhere to live (I have been temporarily living in an executive suite at a hotel). I could not live out of my car as an option at all.2. My car was not handling the mountains I am in all that well. Pennsylvania has a ton of mountains and my car has not handled such well.3. I am only but 23 years old with my master's in library science. I was way too lonely trying to live on my own alone. That is a personal problem I need to work through.The best I can say is that I took the shot and made a good faith effort here to do the best I could. Alas, such did not succeed. Not everything in life works out perfectly at all.I do know that "pulling an O'Neil" as Rochelle suggested as to my prior post was not going to happen. I took a job in Pennsylvania as it is. The public libraries here are losing funds badly and are in very sorry shape overall financially. I have chatted with Pennsylvania Library Association Executive Director Glenn Miller about these things before and heard him extol the virtues of Ohio library funding compared to that in Pennsylvania.At this point I have substitute teaching in Ohio schools that can serve as a fall-back. I also have ministry work with my church that I can easily get back into as well (the normal minister is going to be on mission to Africa in January and will need somebody to fill in on preaching and celebrating the Eucharist).Oh well. Back to the drawing board on all of this!


I'm so sorry this didn't work out for you. The housing, the car problems and the loneliness seem a bit more than you were prepared for. Now that you know that, you'll be better prepared for the next position. There's some things library school just doesn't cover, right?

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