ah another academic year has begun

in the past year i found out that grad school is tough . . . i started out as a part-time student working full-time in health care and raising the little bambino who is now a preschooler . . . i literally lost some hair due to the stresses of juggling so much - dr. actually diagnosed alopecia areata - but since i quit my full-time job - the hair has grown back and i'm happy as can be - i'm in school full time and spending loads of time with the baby *ahem* toddler in tow.
this semester i'm much more involved in ala-sc, the web team and hopefully i'll be joining sla-asist soon - it's a blast spending time with my classmates - i help ala-sc with social events and fundraising - who can turn down happy hours and bake sales? sweets and . . . occasionally drinks and soon enough - ala-sc at the movies. life is good & i'm happy that i can bring the little guy to movies too - he loves my classmates - especially the girls lol. well - hopefully i'll be posting more often and things that are far more relevant to library science. i think we're doing blogs for my info technology class for librarians - so who knows - i might add those to this blog.


Bubbles: Turn around. Look! You dropped all your capital letters since your last post! This is the number one communication blocker in my book. Now, I won't be a Daniel and tell you how to post in your own journal, but I only read posts that don't make me struggle for meaning.

Hey BubblyBookGrrl,Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of LISNews Journalling."hopefully i'll be posting more often and things that are far more relevant to library science."If you've read most journals around here, you'll see most journal folks (MYSELF included) don't worry too much about whether our postings are "more relevant to library science." That's certainly a noble goal though.Hope you'll keep writing about your and your little guy's library school experiences.

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