A Report Card for Our Country

First off, I'm not a political expert, nor an educator, but I have sent my children through school and I know the value of a report card. They are not without bias, they're not always 100% accurate, but they do reflect a student's grasp of the subject matter and their potential for improvement.

Secondly, I suspect that my opinions may not sway voters who are staunch Bush supporters. These are the opinions of just one individual. This report card is not necessarily in support of any candidate, it's an evaluation of the performance of the current officeholder.

If you had authority over a school that had poor attendance, failing students, underqualified and underpaid teachers, graft and greed at the management level-–would you rehire the Principal for four more years?

This is just my idea of where our country stands as it prepares to elect the President.

Jobs D

  • Too many jobs exported to other countries, too few opportunities here at home, particularly in our cities

    Health Care D-

  • Soaring health care costs, unaffordable drugs and little concern for the chronically ill and elderly.

    Education D

  • Mediocre at best. Less funds spent on the next generation of Americans.

    Economy D

  • Little effort to rebuild the economy, and no thought to where to go from here. Loss of trading partners overseas.

    Energy D-

  • Continuing dangerous dependence on Middle East oil. Basic infrastructure faulty and in need of attention.

    International Relations F

  • A disastrous foreign policy and an unnecessary war, killing both members of the military, civilians and many foreign nationals. Disrespect, in fact, hatred and disgust by a majority of nations in the free world, and loss of support from former allies and friends. Disregard for potentially dangerous international situations that are beginning to present themselves, and preoccupation with a program of 'homeland security' that is not functioning. Loss of freedoms to both U.S. citizens and visitors.
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