long time no write

Hey all,

Thanks for all your support and well-wishes! I ended up getting the job in Montana and decided to accept it. I'm super busy making arrangements now but hope to have some spare time for LISNews soon, especially since my spouse is staying behind in Iowa for at least three months.

More updates soon!


Over 18K?

Did you get your wish? (bio)


Congrats Samantha!! I hope everything works out for you and hubby with the move :)


Yipee! Can we add you to the club of those fortunate enough to have an annual salary >= their student loan debt.

(If not now is a good time to sign up for that PhD and defer those payments !)

good luck with the move

and congrats on the job!

Excellent news

Best wishes for your move to Big Sky Country!


Good luck in the big sky!

Re:Over 18K?

Yes indeed I did! I will finally be able to afford my student loan payments...


Thanks so much!


Yes, now my salary is (just barely) larger than my student loan debt--yay!

Re:good luck with the move

thanks very much!

Re:Excellent news

Thank you!



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