Stupid Librarian Tricks

Did you ever have a sudden urge to tattle-tape a coworkers briefcase?


When I was an undergrad working at our college library, it was a common trick to drop tattletapes into coworkers backpacks and jackets.When the buzzer at the exit would go off, the tattle tape would be returned.The things that amused us back then. Don't get me started on the drunken book cart races.

I'm blanking out on the title of the book (I can see the cover in my mind--argh!), but in one scene the main character drops a piece of tattle-tape in someone's pants cuff to distract the security guard. (The someone was the main character's nemesis, which made it doubly sweet.)

Oooooo, I got a bottle of tequila a month ago as a gift and it's still sitting in my desk. Hmmmm... We've got nice old flat carts...

Every once in a while here, we have an arts and crafts day (see my journal about the Oprah cutout). At the end of June we got a HUGE shipment of puppets for story hours. Every day until the children's librarians came to pick up their toys, we would decorate the Coll. Development managers office since she leaves her door unlocked. My favorite was the play that we put on in her office window when a poor hamster was devoured by a LARGE python. You could hear us laughing 2 floors away...

but what's a tattletape?

It's the security strip that gets inserted into books to trigger the security system.

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