Ten million bucks

What would you do if you had ten million bucks? I mean after you tidy up things at home and get that new car. I know librarians are an altruistic bunch (why else would we work for next to nothing). What would you do to make the world a better place with those 10 million bucks?

I would spend a few thousand on collection development at a library in Mexico that I like, I would also spend a million or so on a program I am involved with MVI . I would want to spend some on making living conditions better in the countries where the need is the most, and where the money will actually be used for the benefit of the people and not to enrich some despot - Rawanda and Kenya perhaps.

I would set myself up so I could practice nursing in places where it is really needed, and I would work in a little librarianship too. I would give a million or so to the local animal shelter where I got Baxter Katz, all things considered I like animals more than most people. Whatever is left goes to the Pope; he probably knows better how to spend it than I do.

What would you do if you had ten bucks? I would give it to the local humane society; in fact I think I will.

Think globally, act suspiciously.


I was being interviewed by a local radio personality about librarianship...I don't even remember what prompted his interview. Anyway, I gave my usual heartfelt rah-rah speech about the profession, about libraries and about my job in particular. At the end he asked, "So, if you won a million dollars, would you still be a librarian?" I honestly answered, "Hell no!" He cut the microphone and laughed, and said, "you weren't supposed to say that!" I don't think he was able to use the interview....

But if I won one or ten million, I'd certainly shoot some toward my library, after I paid off my student loan and got some new Birkenstocks. Then I'd buy a place in the country and raise chickens.

If I had ten bucks...? I'd probably give it to my kids because I'm past due on giving them allowance.

Are you sure you want to go to St.Pierre-Miquelon? It is a "territorial collectivity" of France. (I'm assuming that term is the politically correct way to say "colony"); the president of France is their president. And given what you said about visiting France (or not visiting) in your blog...

On your way to St.P & M and Greenland why not stop in and visit me in NS? Can't quite paddle to my doorstep, but just slip on up the Bay of Fundy, I'll drive over the mountain and get you.

Then you could introduce me to some of the finer single malts as I wouldn't know a good one if I tripped over it! ;)


Too bad I can't moderate that, it was indeed informative. I have read some of Dr. Plantinga's work, I have an acquaintance who is also in the Philosophy department at ND. [A major professor of a close friend of mine] I would love to hang out in South Bend between semesters and go for coffee with the whole department one at a time.

Slashgirl should begin her journey to Scotland by sampling single malts. Heck half a bottle of Glenlivet and I think I'm in Edinburgh.

Think globally, act suspiciously.

I think I want that on a bumper sticker.

First thing, I'd tithe 10% of it to my church and demonimation. I would give a large gift also to Desire Street Ministries, and probably to SIL International (which does linguistic and ethnological field work in support of the Wycliffe Bible Translators). I would give to the departments that taught me at the institutions I attended: UIUC German Department, UT-Austin German Department, and UNT SLIS. I would certainly give to the Friends of the Bellaire City Library, as well as to the Friends of Houston Public Library and the Friends of Fondren (both supporting fine libraries that happen to be former employers of mine). I might also try to find fellow donors to help create and endow a professorial chair in philosophy at Notre Dame named for Alvin Plantinga.

On the non-giving front, I would pay off the house and car notes. I would set aside enough to see my daughter through college. My wife and I would definitely not worry about the cost of the further remodeling we want to do. I would probably drink only single-malt scotch or Black Bush. I would buy presents for everyone. I would go to the Gingerman and buy absolutely everyone in the house a drink.

Slashgirl has the right idea: travel. (Not to make you jealous slashgirl, but I love Scotland--I've been blessed to travel to Glasgow three times on business, but with time on the side to explore.) We would definitely travel. I think the value of spending time in other countries cannot be overstated.

that passed and I wanted to be a cow.

Is this the moo-cow coming down along the road that met the nicens little boy named baby tuckoo?

I've got a yen to see the 'unusual' North American countires. Saint Pierre and Miquelon seems like a neat place, only place in N.A. where the Euro is the official currency. Other N.A places I have never been include Greenland which is so close to Canada you can throw rocks at it, but which nobody thinks is in North America, and I would like to go to Greneda a tiny little country down at the tip of the tail of islands where Haiti and D.R. are the dog.

These are all reachable by boat so as a librarian I may be able to afford a trash can and a paddle.

I never even considered my job, I would ditch that in a second. All of my various jobs since I have several part time/ adjunct positions and no real full time job.

I don't think there is anything wrong with being a library. When I was a wee small child I wanted to be Buffalo City Hall (I'm sure Freud would have a field day with that) , that passed and I wanted to be a cow.

"I'd buy you a green dress...but not a real green dress, that's cruel."

Seriously. If I won 10 mill? Well, I'd pay off the house (and get stuff fixed up in and around it), get a brand new vehicle (always had used); I'd buy a multi user license for my library software (and a flat screen monitor) ...and probably wouldn't work anymore. Volunteer work, not paid. I'd help out my family as well as my close friends. I'd most certainly donate to the local library, find charities in areas I want to support to donate to.

The other thing I would do is travel! I've never been outside of Atlantic Canada and I'd love to see the rest of Canada. In the US the only place I have a yen to visit is New Orleans. I'd HAVE to visit Scotland, I've wanted to for years (my heritage, at least that which I know of, is predominently Scottish) and I'd love to visit Greece--I've wanted to go there since I was a kid. From there: the world! I'd just like to experience worlds that are different from mine.

Hmm, must remember to buy a lottery ticket tonight...(yeah, I know, lotteries are for people who are bad at math).


Oh, Matt...You just might notice I (Yep, me!) mistype all over when I'm writing too fast OR I haven't had my coffee yet (I'm still at home in my pajamas). That was supposed to be "inspired me to become a LIBRARIAN", not a library! Of course, if I was a library, I wouldn't have to go anywhere. :)
(See! I can be nice!)

If I had all that sudden wealth, I'd take care of some personal things first (student loans, pay my folk's mortgage off, help out my little sister). Then I'd donate some to our public library system (a haven for me when I was a kid and inspired me to become a library), the local animal shelter, and there's a wonderful literacy program here (all volunteers, too). I'd find some GOOD (sorry for the capitalization!) charities that help out in poor countries (I agree with you, NO dictators and thieves!). So that's bout it. I don't think I'd give up my library job cause I like it too much! But I might go back to school part time just for the heck of it. :)

I just heard a financial advisor answer the question about what to do with a huge windfall, inheritance, lottery, etc. Put it in the bank for 6 months and don't do anything. He said, people make very foolish decisions about money and need time to think.

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