The unthinkable has happened--I have a job interview.

Actually what I have is a telephone screening interview. But it's still tremendously exciting and somewhat terrifying. It's for the "Reference Librarian/Outreach Coordinator" position at the University of Montana in Missoula.

The first reason that this is so exciting is because the job would be only three hours' drive from my parents and brother (and cute little nephew and niece), and two hours' drive from my spouse's dad and grandma. We're currently a 6 hour plane trip away. Plus, Missoula is beautiful and a great place to live.

Secondly, I'm excited because I would love to have an "actual" job. My two part time jobs are great, but I don't feel like I really am part of the team at either job. At the cataloging job, I sit in a cubicle by myself all day with a huge stack of books and my iPod. I often come into work to find that someone has decided to use my cube as a storage closet for museum artifacts. The reference job is a bit better by nature, but still there are days that I'll come in and everything will be all moved around or there'll be a new person working, and the full time people will say, "oh, but we thought you already knew what was going on." Plus the job sounds super cool. Check it out.

So I'm hoping some of you LISNewsterz could send me advice and good wishes, and think of me at 4 pm central time on Wednesday. If there are any distance ed people out there, let me know what you think they'll be looking for!


Hope the phone interview goes well. I've been through a few myself and they've been ok. I'll be thinking of you Wed!Can't think of any advice except to be ready 10 minutes before they say they'll call, keep your resume, references, and any notes handy. You know this already, but all my friends know I restate the obvious on a daily basis.Good luck!

Thanks for the advice and the good wishes. I'll let you know how it goes :-)

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