Bipartisan compassion

This article may prove interesting.

Our legislators can work together for the betterment of our society if they so choose.

Shame on the Republican members who used a procedural move to delay the bill. I'll hold your arms while Pete Domenici sucker punches you, cowards.

60 million dollars in the overall scheme of things is not a lot of money. Another bill co-authored by Lieberman wants 91 million dollars to see if the media has a negative effect on children's health. Let me clear this one up for you Senator, if your kid is stuck in front of the TV, computer, and play station all day rather than reading, playing, or interacting with family and friends he will become a socially inept pinhead. (Keep the 91 million, spend it on the youth suicide prevention bill).

Why do we elect some of these people. I guess common sense in the Senate is not as common as we would like it. Too many Twinkies make kids fat too, don't study that.


I'm not sure that suicide prevention is a federal issue. But given the multitude of nonfederal issues Congress spends on, this sounded like a worthy cause.Have you communicated your television findings to Senator Lieberman yet? You can use his handy Issue Contact Form. I'm with you -- though I am spending a soggy Sat morning typing on the Internet!

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