When life intrudes

Sometimes the vicissitudes of real life intrude more than you'd like--but that's what makes it real.

Last week was pretty much a washout because of such vicissitudes--and, looking back, I think the last few weeks have been affected.

That latter first: I had a tooth extracted last Thursday afternoon, and should have had that done a month or more ago. (My dentist said to set it up when I returned from a speaking trip; that was in March.) Constant headaches/sinus problems the last few weeks finally got me to call; after I made the appointment, naturally, they got worse. So if I've been blunter and even less coherent than usual the past few weeks, there's an excuse. (Now, how that resulted in the "Catching Up on Copyright" issue of Cites & Insights, which has gotten kind comments, is one of those mysteries...and, actually, I was more productive than usual at work...until last week.)

Last week added a second flavor: A death in the family. Not unexpected, not tragic, but nonetheless involving three lost days last week--one of them, the most exhausting, the day after the tooth extraction. (The surgery may go well, but it still takes a lot out of you!)

Things begin to return to what passes for normal around here. Prepping for ALA becomes a bit more urgent. Keeping up with massive changes hereabouts is strange. Such is, well, life.

Relevance to LISNews: Minimal, except for any blunter-than-usual comments I've left. None of which I'm likely to withdraw or apologize for.


Walt,You sound like you've been through so much the last few weeks that if all happens is a few "blunter than usual" comments, you should be nominated for sainthood.Best wishes for life settling down and a productive and not too tiring ALA!

Relevance to anything in the journals is never an issues, they are an area to vent. Sorry for your loss, the tooth, and the person. I hope you have many others of both for support and chewing.

Thanks, both of you. I'll never be a candidate for sainthood (this week's Watley Review gives one reason why), but...

This week looks to be going much better. Anyone who dines with me in Orlando (?) may notice that I'm chewing on the right side (giving the empty space, "tooth 13," a month to heal before getting a permanent bridge, since a temporary bridge interferes with gum/bone healing), but in fact I seem to be less headachey than at any time in the past month.

The people in my life are just fine. I'd only known the one who died for about seven years, and the loss leaves good memories more than anything else. I have one of those absurdly functional families that I believe exist by the tens of millions but don't get much press...if anything, I'm the black sheep of the bunch.

If you weren't feeling well preparing the mid-June issue, I must say, may you always be in poor health! I really appreciate the DMCRA--May 12 Hearing summary. I don't think I would have listened to it, or waded through the testimony.

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