Questionable logic

It's a few weeks before the end of the fiscal year here and at the beginning of last week we had 3 (count 'em 3) temps show up in our department. Neither manager had a clue they were coming. Yay. They are supposed to be helping with the receiving and barcoding of new materials, which would require them to have pcs. Well, our IT department is so over loaded that they have yet to set-up their pcs fully. What bothers me is that these 3 people are here for only 1 month... so by the time they get the job down pat it is time for them to be sent to another locale. We will really need them next month when we lose 2 barcoders to retirement, and have a crummy budget year ahead with no idea when we'll be able to replace them. I understand the need to use the money that we recieved for temps but isn't this a little late to try and spend $$ and help out a very busy department?

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