I do hope the filter is back

I do hope the filter is back when I get in today. Honestly, someone may have found a site that just got through the filtering software. But it goes down enough that maybe I should be testing them on a weekly basis. I suspect it's down now. I don't particularly like looking at porn at work, especially on the public floor. That's kind of nasty. I had an older patron right behind me when I was trying to shut down all the "teen booby" windows.

If the filter isn't back, that is, if it was down and it's not blocking sites I know it has listed, then the whole internet goes down and we have some unhappy patrons.

I need to sit down and start thinking out this grant I want to write. Here's the thing: my husband is a professional grant writer and he's real good at making me feel like I'm approaching the whole thing wrong. He's like, no no no, don't do it that way. He made fun of me because I took books out of the library about it. I'm a librarian, for the love of pete, that's what I do.

Ug, I wish my PCs would come today. It's much like Christmas for me. I don't know where exactly I'm going to put them all, and I certainly don't want them on the floor too long where our regulars can see we've gotten ten new boxes. They'll want them for the public.

I am going to use the more stable IBMs for the word processors. The Dells are going to redistributed to the staff.

Countdown to vacation... or more importantly, countdown to Sims 2. I think I am going to take the entire week Sims 2 comes out off. Hey, you never know when exactly it's going to actually arrive on your doorstep (gotta love the postal service). I need to give myself ample play time.


"He made fun of me because I took books out of the library about it. I'm a librarian, for the love of pete, that's what I do."

Sometimes it is the librarian's job to make referrals to experts--which in this case, could be your own husband and not a book.

Yeah, my dad's an expert driver, too ... but he was most definitely NOT the best (or, in my case, even an acceptable) candidate for teaching his own offspring to drive. Way too much emotional noise interfering with the signal!Honestly, if her husband's already making fun of her efforts and her research methods, how much help is he really likely to be to shoe?

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