Cites & Insights donations now activated

Thanks to your comments and others, I've made one plunge: PayPal and Amazon Honors System are both now available if you'd like to donate to help support Cites & Insights

Donations are entirely voluntary--and I think they're generally anonymous as well. (This is all new to me.)

I would still greatly appreciate opinions on possible value-added services, specifically:

Bound volumes: Perfect-bound paperbacks, cream book paper (8.5x11), color covers, containing the entire contents of one volume including title page and index. Probably around $30.

Thematic volumes: Perfect-bound paperbacks, cream 5x8 book paper, color covers, probably 150-200 pages each, containing a series of related essays from Cites & Insights--or, for that matter, from "The Crawford Files", "disContent," earlier stuff, or a combination of all of those--with updates, annotations, and proper indexing. Probably around $25-$30.

Tchotchkes if anyone really wants them--the kind of stuff Cafe Press does.


Bound volumes & Thematic volumes: I can't say I'd buy them for home, though I might, but it seems like they'd fit in a collection or 2, or more.Tchotchkes: Doesn't sound too exciting.

Thanks. (And thanks also, you know what for.)
Yeah, I don't think tchotchkes are exciting either, maybe because I got rid of a whole stack of coffee mugs from various speaking engagements...

All those conference bags, at least the simple canvas ones, have come in handy for grocery shopping, though.

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