Dancing Administrators

Have had a wonderful Friday so far...
We had a staff appreciation breakfast this morning at the Main branch (we're doing them at the 5 larger regional branches as well). It was VERY well done and VERY well-received by the staff (I was on the planning commitee). 6 of our Administrators were servers, our Director was playing hostess. The 2 male admins. were wearing flowers behind their ears. Tres chic, let me tell you. My table was the rabble-rousers so somehow I got the idea to see whether the gentlemen would dance. I walked up and asked where their grass skirts were so they could do the hula. One said his was at the cleaners, the other started dancing. When he finished, the crowd applauded and he got embarrassed. LOL.. now I think I might lose my job (just kidding). But, it was nice to get breakfast AND a floor show.

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