With fear and loathing...

I'm still not ready for a weblog, but playing around with a "weblog lite" might make sense.

Don't expect loads of postings, and for sure don't expect the stuff you'd find in Cites & Insights. If that's an experiment (still, after 4.5 years), this is really experimental.

For starters, an apology: I used Rightwing Coven (or Rightwing Cabal, or RC something) within an extended set of comments elsewhere on this august site. It was an unfortunate shorthand. I did not mean to include all those at LISNews who are either to my right politically or actual "conservatives" (in quotes, because a lot of today's conservatives would give fits to constitutional conservatives like Barry Goldwater).

I really meant a certain quartet that I now think of as Dopey, Grumpy, Grouchy, and the Ghost of David Burt. And I'm not sure the term was warranted even for that group.

Of course, as a devoted Buffy fan, I should also apologize for another reason: "Coven" is an appropriate name for a group of Wiccans, I assume, and I shouldn't insult those groups.

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