Forgot to mention this...

This past weekend I wore my new "Beware of Rowdy Librarian" tee from
It got me lots of attention and respect... oh yeah, and free drinks! It's a great conversation starter. I got "Are you really a librarian?" more than once! I keep forgetting that librarians are very high on the fantasy lists. BTW, If Rowdy Librarian isn't to your tastes you can always try the "I'm a librarian, b!tch!" from the Lipstick Librarian.


I got the shushing one, to wear around my parents, and Info*Bitch, to wear around everyone else.

Damn, I love those things. I never managed a free drink with one though.

I got a dance from a guy wearing a "Beer Knurd" shirt... it was classic:

Him: "Are you really a librarian?"
Me: "Yup, card carrying. Are you really a beer nerd?"

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