Spammity Spam! Wonderful Spam!

Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo stick, is it just me or is anyone else getting a massive inundation of spam in their inboxes? And I don't mean you typical "send spam here" inbox e-mail account. I'm getting so much BS in my personal inbox I could spread it on the garden outside and get tomates the size of bowling balls.

I find it funny that I'm the one getting ads for breast enhancement while my wife gets ads for enlarging her John Thomas. I really have to wonder if companies really sell shit through spam. I've never bought anything that arrived unsolicited in my e-mail box. They keep wanting me to subscribe to porn sites, but I'm never sure why. I mean I'm not sure why I need a subscription. After all, I can get all the T&A I want from Usenet, P2P, web collections, and on and on. Okay so I can't get their stuff, but actually, porn's porn no matter where you go.

Though with P2P I can get their stuff. I keep getting crap for stuff like Bang Bros. Productions, which owns several adult oriented websites. I got on KazaaLite (screw the RIAA) and did a search for a few of the titles they advertised. Sure enough, full length movies and plenty of them were available for free download. Kinda blows (pardon the pun) the reason for a subscription doesn't it?

Next thing you know, the porn industry will go after P2P.

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