The meme thing

1. Owns a cat(s)? - One adorable 16-year-old cat named Kali, who hopefully is getting good test results at the vet's right now (I need to go bail her out after work).

2. Drives small sensible, economical car? - 1995 Mitsubishi Galant, which desperately needs its air conditioning fixed. So not sensible, but not a gas-guzzling intimidator either.

3. Wears comfortable, sensible shoes? - Sandals, and flat boots mostly, though I've found some nice 2" heel but sturdy ankle boots that I've been having a lot of fun with. Since my ankles turn out easily, comfortable and sensible does tend to be my thing.

4. Reads constantly? - Guilty as charged. I read a lot faster than other people as well, so I've been known to weird people out who see me reading several books while taking up space at the coffee shop.

5. Never goes out? - I go out at least weekly, hanging out with the local pagan group for Chinese food and drumming. I hit the English pub for Celtic music a lot as well (I've never understood why an English-themed pub usually has groups singing rowdy anti-English Irish and Scottish songs but it's a fun place to hang out.)

6. Sexually inexperienced? - *snicker* not hardly

7. Friends are all librarians? - Very few are actually -- got some NASA engineers, and a lot of artists, old hippies and EMTs in the crowd though.

8. Could care less about fashion? - True, though I do have my own weird style.

9. Leans to the left when it comes to politics? -More like tilting heavily, which isn't easy in a state like TX

10. Was a nerd in high school? - More of a school scapegoat because I not only read books, I actually read books for fun and not just those for classes. Being trapped in rural hell for highschool wasn't a highlight of my life. I'm too old for computers to have had any influence on my high school years.

11. Wears hair in a bun? - Usually only for job interviews or when it is so miserably hot an humid out that even a ponytail hanging down the back of my neck is too much. I do use funky hand-crocheted bun covers though.

12. Is constantly covered in dust? - Only when out camping with 700 of my closest pagan friends (had a great time at Beltane!) I'm thinking of travelling and hitting some festivals outside of TX as well.

13. Librarian by day/Bacardi by night? - Mead, hard cider, and Guinness usually, though I won't sneer at rum either. :)

14. Do you wear glasses? - Yep.

15. Are you female? - Last I checked.

16. Abilities in the yarn arts? - Guilty here too: crochet, shuttle and needle-tatting, needleweaving, weaving, needlelace, macrame, chinese get the idea. I still can't knit well, but I have almost got it figured out. I tend to keep my work quite tight as a general rule and it doesn't make learning knitting any easier.

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