While we are off the topic of Greenpeace

As I survey my street every Thursday morning on recycle day, I notice my blue bin is consistently loaded with more stuff than my neighbors. In fact, I usually have an extra 3 or 4 paper sacks to offer the guys in the green truck. I am an "earth friendly" person.

I am also not an "eco-hypocrite".

A fellow LISNewzer recently posted a marginally library related piece about Uncle Sam legally "picking" on Greenpeace. The point here I suppose is that self-righteous street theater trumps federal law.

I particularly found "A conviction against Greenpeace for conspiring to monger sailors could cost the organization its tax-exempt status and expose it to further government inspection of finances and membership roles." interesting. Why? Because this would certainly hamstring Greenpeace's ability as a nonprofit 501 [c][3] to illegally funnel money to nonexempt 501[c][4] groups as Public Watch alleges in their letter to the IRS "Green-Peace, Dirty Money: Tax Violations in the World of Non-Profits,". (this letter is referenced in Beyond Simple Protest National Law Journal, October 27, 2003). Ironic that "Ashcroft Pursues Greenpeace" neglected to mention charges of Enronesque accounting practices or that this matter is also under investigation.

If anyone is curious to learn more about Greenpeace hypocrisy, I offer an article written by Andrew Kenny The Green Gestapo.

Just before the WSSD began, Greenpeace, the eco-fascist organisation whose flair for publicity is a match for Hitler in the 1930s, stole the headlines on the issue of energy. In South Africa, poor people use very dangerous and dirty energy, namely coal, wood and paraffin, which they burn in their houses and shacks. The toll of death and disease is appalling: more than 4,000 children a year die from paraffin poisoning; fires kill and mutilate thousands more; air pollution in households reduces life-expectancy by 15 years.

But just north of Cape Town is Koeberg nuclear power station, safe, economic, with no emissions and producing tiny amounts of stable waste which are easy to dispose of safely. In a brilliantly symbolic act, Greenpeace ignored the plight of the thousands of people dying from dirty energy and staged a showy demonstration at Koeberg, the source of the cleanest electricity in Africa.

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