San Francisco Marriott Protest Tuesday, June 19, 4:30pm - 7:30pm


WHAT: ALA Awards Reception/Inaugural Banquet

WHERE: San Francisco Marriott, 4th Street, (between Market and Mission Streets)

WHEN: Tuesday, June 19, 4:30pm - 7:30pm

Andrea Grimes
writes: \"Please join President-Elect Mitch Freedman and library luminaries
for a very special action, at the San Francisco Marriott. This
protest, organized by librarians with the support of Local 2,
is in support of the hotel workers. We stand by Local 2 hotel
workers until they win a contract that guarantees fair working
conditions, family friendly benefits, and a real voice on the

Despite pleas from ALA leaders, members, and Local 2, ALA
refused to move many events and meetings out of the Marriott.
ALA refused to accept free space at the San Francisco Public
Library for the last Executive Board meeting; and refused the
President-Elect\'s offer of an alternative (and less
expensive) venue for the Inaugural Banquet.

P R O T E S T  A G A I N S T  A L A  A N D  M

WHAT: ALA Awards Reception/Inaugural Banquet

WHERE: San Francisco Marriott, 4th Street, (between Market and

WHEN: Tuesday, June 19, 4:30pm - 7:30pm

Don\'t let Marriott and ALA think it\'s just business as usual.
Come and join us on this afternoon of protest.

For more information on the SF Marriott labor troubles, see Local
2\'s boycott website at:

Here\'s a partial list of librarians, library groups, community
and religious leaders, who support the boycott against the SF

Mitch Freedman, ALA President-Elect
Local 790 Librarians\' Caucus
Progressive Librarians Guild
Elaine Harger, ALA Council, SRRT Action Council*
Virginia B. Moore, Martin Luther King Task Force, SRRT*
Sanford Berman
Social Responsibilities Round Table, Action Council Members:
Fred Stoss*, Al Kagan (SRRT Rept to ALA Council)*, Nel Ward*
Mark C. Rosenzweig, ALA Councilor-at-Large; SRRT Action Council*
University Council, American Federation of Teachers (UC-AFT)
Susan Hildreth, City Librarian, San Francisco Public Library
Marcia Schneider, Public Affairs Chief, SFPL
San Francisco Public Library Commission
Yvonne Farley, Librarian, Kanawha County Library,
Virginia (Winner, ALA Intellectual Freedom Award)
Reverend Jesse Jackson, President, Rainbow/PUSH Coalition
Coretta Scott King, The King Center
Honorable Willie L. Brown, Mayor of San Francisco
Honorable Susan Leal, SF City Treasurer
Nine of eleven San Francisco Board of Supervisors
Honorable Jerry Brown, Mayor of Oakland
Honorable Nancy Pelosi, Member, US Congress
Honorable Barbara Lee, Member, US Congress
Honorable John Burton, President Pro-Temporare of CA State Senate
Dolores Huerta, Co-Founder, United Farm Workers, AFL-CIO
Arturo Rodriguez, United Farm Workers, AFL-CIO
Art Pulaski, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, CA Labor Federation
Reverend Cecil Williams, Glide United Methodist Chruch, SF
Walter Johnson, Secretary-Treasurer, SF Labor Council
Father Bill O\'Donnel, St. Joseph the Worker Church
Father Peter Sammon, St. Theresa\'s Catholic Church

A. Philip Randolph Institute
Senior Action Network
Northern CA Coalition for Immigrant Rights
SF Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance
Labor Council for Latin American Advancement
Harvey Milk Democratic Club
Chinese Progressive Association
Nihomachi Legal Outreach
Labor Project for Working Families
Instituto Familia de la Raza

*Affiliation listed for identification purposes only and not for
organizational endorsement purposes.

In solidarity,
The Local 790 Librarians\' Caucus

Andrea V. Grimes(for the Caucus)
Special Collections Librarian
Book Arts & Special Collections
San Francisco Public Library
100 Larkin Street
San Francisco, CA  94102
415.557.4572 fax: 415.437.4849
email: [email protected]

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