Job update

Got my "thanks, but no thanks" letter yesterday for the academic position. A disappointment to be sure, but hey, I've got a job, so it's not disastrous. I went out with my mentee last night to drown sorrows in margaritas and guacamole. He's waiting to hear about library school, so hopefully we'll be able to celebrate good news soon.

Yesterday was just one of those not-very-good days. The closing on my refinance went awry, and had to be rescheduled, got the bad news letter, and was woken up at 3 a.m. to hear oldest daughter say, "I'm barfing!" And, boy was she! It was a very impressive spew--pretty much everywhere but the toilet. So I was up swabbing the deck (and the sink and the floor and the bathtub and the wall) till after 3:30. She seems fine and perky this morning. I will try to be fine and perky as well.


Good wishes coming from Alaska. Best of luck being perky!

Thanks, Daniel! It's a bummer, but it's good to be out of job search limbo. I'm not a seasoned enough job hunter to not fret about the process while I'm going through it, so it's good to know where I stand. And, at least there was no more projectile vomiting at my house this weekend. Life is gooood.

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