new limit for R-rated films is age 12

A story from Philadelphia shows kids
where to get R-Rated movies.

UPDATEA Report on the lack of protests.

Most favor
the Philadelphia system\'s decision to open access for
children as young as 12, down from 14.

Last year, the Free Library of Philadelphia got into a flap
over its policy of letting children as young as 14 borrow
R-rated movies.

Yesterday, library president Elliot L. Shelkrot acknowledged
that the policy had been changed. Now borrowers as young as
12 have access to all material, including videos.

\"The change in age is in response to the public,\" Shelkrot
Only in four systems surveyed, including Detroit and San
Diego, were borrowers required to be 18 or older to take The library did its own survey of major systems that serve
populations over a million. Out of 21, including
Philadelphia, 15 allowed children who qualified for an adult
library card to have access to their entire collections.

In some cities, including Chicago and Phoenix, there was no
age limit. In Dallas, children under 14 were required to
have a parental signature to get a card, but then had open

At the New York Public Library, the staff found the same
rules as are in effect now in Philadelph

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