A Perfect Score?

I just noticed there are three people who have a "perfect" karma score now, Mock Turtle, Fang-Face and mcbride. I'm not really sure if anyone cares, or pays attention to that kind of thing here or not, but it's kinda interesting to watch the numbers. The single biggest karma bump at LISNews is submitting a story. Well, having a submitted story posted, to be more accurate. Maybe I'll change that and have the max karma be a million or something.

One person has meta-moderated 685 times, while the most active moderator (behind me) has only done it 64 times. 2 people have more than 100 comments in, while one other is close to 100. I'm 4th at 58, which suprises me, I thought I had far fewer (or is it far less?). This doesn't count "Anonymous Patron" who has well over 400.

I've just started looking at journal stats, and the numbers there are much higher than I suspected as well. In the past 11 hours, the most popular journal, Daniel, was read 32 times, next in line, Shoe, 27, followed by Ashtabula guy at 21, mcrbide, me, birdie, and bibliofuture all at 10. There's almost 20 more with less than 10 hits.

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